Valle de Angeles Adventist Hospital, Honduras

Hospital Description

Number of Patient Beds:  30
Bed Occupancy Rate:  25%
Outpatients Seen Per/day:  20
Departments/Specialties:  General Surgery, OB, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Dentistry, General Medicine, Psychiatry, Plastic Surgery, Psychology
Typical Cases:  Respiratory infections, diarrhea, high blood pressure, diabetes, trauma, gastrointestinal problems
Languages Spoken:  Spanish
Setting:  Semi-rural, small town

Trip Logistics

Recommended Airport:  Toncontin International Airport, Tegucigalpa (TGU)
Transport from Airport Provided:  Yes
Time for Airport to Hospital:  30 minutes
Type of Student Housing:  Guest house; double or triple bedroom
Cost of Housing/night:  $8/night
Meal Plan:  Cafeteria or hired cook
Cost of Meals/day:  $7/day
Recommended months to visit:  February-November
Website: (Spanish website)

Last updated 4/8/10

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