Malamulo Adventist Hospital, Malawi


Hospital Description

Setting:  Rural

Number of Patient Beds:  250
Bed Occupancy Rate: 
45-80% (depends on the season)
Outpatients Seen Per/day:  120
Departments/Specialties:  Medical, Surgical, Pediatrics, Maternity, Malnutrition, Community Health (family planning, HIV clinics, antenatal clinic) and Outpatient clinics
Typical Cases:  Pneumonia, Malaria, TB, HIV complications, Dehydration, Meningitis
Types of Healthcare Students: Medical, Nursing/NP, Dental, Public Health, Allied Health (PA, Radiology, Nutrition)
Languages Spoken:  Chichewa and English
Language Requirements/ Fluency: English

Trip Logistics

Recommended Airport:  Chileka International Airport-Blantyre (BLZ) (preferred), Lilongwe Kamuzu
Visa requirements/cost for US citizen: Free visitor visa granted for 30 days upon arrival at the airport; two 30-day renewals accepted for a fee of around $30 each. For stays longer than 90 days, please refer the volunteer coordinator for instructions
Transport from Airport Provided:  Yes, from Blantyre only
Transportation Costs: Please contact the volunteer coordinator for latest fees- the local currency exchange rate is constantly changing
Time from Airport to Hospital:  1.5 hrs- Blantyre; Lilongwe- 24 hours with bus, taxi, and overnight stay in Blantyre or Lilongwe
Type of Student Housing:  Guest house- dorm style
Cost of Housing & meals/month:  $550/month rotation fee + $50 deposit, including airport transport from Blantyre, all meals and accommodation
Refundable Deposit: $50.00
Meal Plan:  Cooked by hospital staff ($8 day for lunch and supper, $15 for bed and breakfast)
Recommended months to visit:  November - May
Addition Comments: We only accept 4th year medical students! Limited number of spots for students- a lead time of at least 6 months is recommended.

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Last updated 8/1/2013