Béré Adventist Hospital, Chad

Film by Phil Sherwood for African Rice Heart, written by Emily Wilkins on YouTube

Hospital Description

Setting:  Rural

Number of Patient Beds:  70
Bed Occupancy Rate:  50%
Outpatients Seen Per/day:  30
Departments/Specialties:  Clinical Laboratory, Labor/Delivery, Infectious Disease, Surgery, Pediatrics, Outpatient Clinic
Typical Cases:  Surgery (hernias, hydroceles, prostates, bladder stones, c-sections, laparotomies, amputations, lipomas, etc.) Medical (malaria, rabies, tetanus, meningitis, cholera) 
Types of Healthcare Students: All!
Languages Spoken:  French, Tchadian Arabic, Nangjere, Ngangbai
Language Requirements/Fluency: English will suffice, but the lingua franca is French
Additional Volunteer Opportunities: Teach English/Religion, Lead children's Sabbath School, Construction, Evangelism, Nutrition Center

Trip Logistics

Recommended Airport:  N’Djamena, Chad (NDJ)
Visa Required for US Citizen? Cost?: Yes. $150
Transport from Airport Provided: No
Transportation Costs: $40-50
Time from Airport to Hospital:  6 hours, but usually must overnight in capital
Type of Student Housing:  With a local family. Hut without water/electricity
Cost of Housing/night:  $80/month
Meal Plan: Host family will provide breakfast/dinner.
Cost of Meals/day:  Included with housing. Lunch on own
Additional Fees: None
Recommended months to visit:  Any. Coolest is January, Hottest is April
Comments from Site: True ends-of-the-earth bush hospital 

Country/travel information and entry requirements: www.travel.state.gov/chad

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Last updated 6/17/13